Live the Dream of Dating Weapons in Boyfriend Dungeon

In many RPGs, players often acquire many different kinds of weapons. Many of these are named and iconic such as the Master Sword or Keyblade. Some RPGs even let players pick through a variety of weapons, each with their own unique design and attributes. Now imagine those weapons are actually physical, living people and that sets up the basics to Boyfriend Dungeon. The added bonus is that these weapons might just be interested in going out sometime, and Boyfriend Dungeon is more than ready to delve deeper into the simple concept that taking a weapon out on a date might actually be a lot of fun.

Boyfriend Dungeon takes place in Verona Beach, where the player has just moved to seek advice from their cousin after being unlucky in love for quite some time. What they come to realize is this beach has some very unique people who can turn into weapons, and dangerous dungeons that can be explored for anyone wanting to make some quick cash. There’s all sorts of people in Verona beach, and meeting them is half the fun of moving to a new area. Playeres can ready up to take a dungeon and learn more about what’s really happening here. Before heading in, however, the player will need to team up with one of the weapons in order to defend themselves.

Dating is a huge part of Boyfriend Dungeon, not just getting to date a weapon of choice but also improving as a fighter. The various weapons will not only help players learn about themselves, but also advise in combat. Getting closer will build romantic, or platonic, relationships depending on who the player chooses to pursue but will allow the blades to teach them how to better be used in combat. This will help strengthen not only the player, but the bond they share as they go through this dungeon-filled adventure along side one another. It’s also worth nothing that despite the fact it’s called Boyfriend Dungeon, there are female and non-binary characters to date along with letting the player be referred to as he, she or they which is an extremely welcoming inclusion.

While danger awaits, romance won’t solve every problem in Verona Beach. Sometimes it takes action to really get meanings across, which is where the dungeon part comes into play. With weapon and hand, players can take to the dungeons and fight through waves of enemies to get some sweet loot. These dungeons aren’t just for killing either, as occasional events will pop up as they’re exploring. This could be related to the weapon they’re currently engaging combat with in a cutscene, or simply running into another weapon while running through. There’s more than just fighting to be found, which makes it worth exploring every nook and cranny. Boyfriend Dungeon will also allow players to customize their difficulty, so those who want to enjoy things at a more laid-back pace won’t have to miss out and anyone wanting to make it hard can get their fill of insane challenge.

From the overall tone to its charming art style, Boyfriend Dungeon is exactly what anyone would want from a unique action-based game with weapon dating. The almost hilarious concept ends up being well thought out and unique, along with extremely charming overall. Players can meet the blade, hammer or brass knuckles of their dreams all while getting to fight and learn even more about them. Anyone wanting to get involved in the life of a weapon-loving character in Verona Beach can look forward to picking up Boyfriend Dungeon at the currently planned release date of 2019.