Screenshot Saturday Featuring ITTA, Damnview: Built From Nothing, More

Once again, Screenshot Saturday has come, allowing developers to provide sneak peeks of their latest projects through the use of a simple #screenshotsaturday hashtag. This week saw another good chunk of promising games get a little more exposure, be they puzzlers, brawlers, or life simulators. And as usual, we’ve highlighted some of our favorites from said chunk. So without further ado, let’s get straight to taking a look at these games! On with the show!

Speed Brawl- A colorful side-scrolling combat racer in a dystopian/Victorian world needs an equally colorful cast of characters, naturally. So a scrappy female Parisian that wields what appears to be a makeshift cricket bat definitely works here. And as seen in this quick clip, she can indeed bring the pain, and showcase some gorgeous, fast-paced action in doing so. She didn’t come to play, she came to win.

ITTA- The last time we had ITTA here in Screenshot Saturday, it was with a more quiet, subdued moment that highlighted the narrative portions of the game. But since this is still mainly a bullet hell twin-stick action game, let’s take a peek at some more combat this time around that represents the game more accurately. And what better way to do so than with a boss fight? It’s definitely one intense battle that looks like a blast, after all.

Damnview: Built From Nothing- An urban sandbox life sim where anthropomorphic animals struggle to make money in the harsh city by whatever means necessary, in what looks to be a rather engrossing game. And yes, you can avoid having to resort to illegal activities like theft and drug dealing in favor of an honest job at the likes of a laundromat…but don’t be surprised if you still have to clean up bits of the criminal life you wanted to avoid.

An Interesting Journey of Monsieur PAF- An isometric puzzle platformer, in the vein of classics such as Solstice. This one has you exploring ancient ruins, though, which unsurprisingly leads to the same kinds of obstacles that India Jones faces on a daily bases. Time to hunt down a weight and find a way to bring it over, in what should be a nice brain-teaser…

Dark Devotion- Well, a Souls-esque roguelike 2D platfomer means that players will have to find ways to give themselves an advantage, lest they experience a metric ton of deaths (as opposed to a regular ton of deaths). Elemental weapons should fit that bill, as seen here when they land a powerful, shocking hit. Now to see if there’s a good way to finish these guys off afterwards…

Ministry of Broadcast- Described as an Orwellian Prince of Persia, this impressive-looking 2D cinematic action platformer sees players competing on a deadly reality show in order to gain the right to get through a walled border and be reunited with their family. But if you need a quick glimpse into how imposing a regime that sets all of this up can be, then this sinister snow day should satisfy your need.

Anodyne 2- The sequel to the old-school Zelda-style action adventure game decides to make like Risk of Rain and advance from pixels to polygons for the sequel. It looks pretty good so far, and as evidenced by the purple coughing monster in the outdoor bed, is still set to be rather fun and surreal in its presentation. Now, what could the cure for this be?

Keen- A cute turn-based puzzle game based around a girl that has to slash their way through zombies, robots, and more in order to take down a corporation that threatens their village. And needless to say, it definitely comes off as satisfying when you get to take down entire rows of the suckers while on roller skates. The poor bastards didn’t stand a chance again Ol’ Heartcheek.

Jump Jolt- Make way for another possible entry in the “Simple Yet Addictive” territory. All you have to do is climb up between two towers, jumping from left to right and back again. Oh, and there’s the multitude of snipers out to kill you, of course. It looks like a colorful, challenging beast that should be able to cause you to suddenly lose a few hours of your life.

Headliner: NoviNews- What exactly happens when you control the national news and decide what does and doesn’t get published? Pure chaos in the streets, depending on your choices. Although it would be more hilarious if this occurred due to an article about Shamrock Shakes being discontinued, or something similar. But as is, it still looks like a clever adventure game.

Unsung Warriors- A 2D side-scrolling action game set in the Iron Age naturally lends itself to more than a few great setpieces. That includes classic moments where you attempt to bolt out of a crumbling castle, paving the way for it to becomes ruins in a future Tomb Raider game or such. But for now, it remains the location for a colorful burst of mayhem like this.

Eternal Hope- Seeking funding via Patreon, what we have here is a puzzle platformer where players have to merge two dimensions in order to locate their lost love. Merging these dimensions together means that strange creatures can pop up, which you can use to your advantage. Sure hope the poor guy doesn’t mind being stepped on, though.

Encased- We’ve already been through a lengthy preview earlier this week concerning this promising isometric turn-based RPG, so there arguably isn’t much more to say at the moment. But that was before we learned that there may be genetically enhanced apes in here as well. Will we be fighting them, recruiting them, running missions for them? We need to know more about these apes, dammit!

The Last Friend- Admittedly, I am not one for pop culture holidays such as May the 4th and Batman Day. But when it ends up resulting in a doberman dressed in a Batman costume, how are you supposed to say no? So awesome. But make sure to give the actual tower defense/beat-’em-up hybrid about saving canines a good look as well, since it may even be more awesome (I know that seems impossible, but trust me).