Exclusive: Majula Frontier OST Available for Pre-Order

Upcoming RPG, Majula Frontier, will be making its way to steam on September 19. The game features turn-based, strategy RPG elements, with town management, customization and even dungeon crawling. This epic adventure will have players taking teams of four heroes out into dangerous territory beyond the town of Majula. Serving as the sixth installment of the Ellen’s Friends franchise, Majula Frontier promises a challenging adventure for those brave enough to answer the call to arms.

And while players are hacking away at enemies or trying to rebuild their town, Scarlet Moon Productions is here to provide the necessary soundtrack to daily life in Majula. Composer Dale North brings his thoughtful and emotional style to the RPG. With tranquil strings and flutes signifying peaceful moments in town, to harder melodies full of synths for epic fights, Majula Frontier’s Original Soundtrack stands out as its own work of art.

Hardcore Gamer was given an exclusive listen to the soundtrack before its release and we were able to provide a sample track below not heard anywhere else. The Pristine Nature track has a little bit of everything we can hear in the overall work. Light, airy woodwinds with synths are a constant amidst harder percussion to make up an adventurous sound. North’s composition takes into account the gameplay and overall nature of the game. Not only is it work we can hear, but we can also feel emotion through the composition. A fully-orchestrated soundtrack brings more depth to the game itself for an epic experience.

Scarlet Moon Productions has the full soundtrack available for pre-order right now. Pre-ordering will allow access to one track now, with the rest becoming available upon release of the full game. Majula Frontier will release on September 19 for Steam on PC.