Pokémon Launches New Line of Halloween Accessories and Collectibles

Pokémon fans are always up for obtaining specific gear and products to show off their love of the series. In fact, many who enjoy the spooky side of Pokémon are surely going to love what has just been launched! The Eerie Delights Collection showcases a number of frightful favorites.

There are plush toys and pins of Pokémon all dressed up, some are even wearing outfits to look like other Pokémon. Socks, blankets and more feature Pikachu popping out of a pumpkin with a witch hat on. A new addition to Gallery Figures comes in the form of Absol unleashing Perish Song! There are all kinds of perfect products to wear or display.

Check out some cute items below and visit the website to see what you can add just in time for a Pokémon Halloween celebration!