Devil May Cry 5’s TGS Trailers Bring More Dante, Plus Mega Man

The two major trailers we’ve seen so far for Devil May Cry 5 have mainly focused on Nero, with Dante making surprise appearances at the end. Well, that changes with the new trailer from the Tokyo Game Show, which you can see below. Nero is still here as well, but the main focus is on Dante and his delightfully cocky attitude and set of slick moves, including the motorcycle chainsaw from before and a full demon form. We also see Trish and Lady return, along with the reveal of Nico being the descendant of Ebony and Ivory’s gunsmith. But the intriguing part is the mysterious black-haired figure appearing at the end. This would be our third protagonist, V, but what’s his story? Only time will tell as more details show up in the coming months.

But there was a little surprise after our mystery man as well. It seems that as a tie-in with Mega Man 11, the Mega Buster will appear in the game’s Deluxe Edition. Acting as an additional Devil Breaker for Nero, it appears to behave just like it does in the Blue Bomber’s games. You can see it in action with the additional clip below, complete with Mega Man homages. Sadly, as the video also informs, the 2D footage is for promo purposes only, so no side-scrolling. The Deluxe Edition of Devil May Cry 5 also includes four other unique weapons, among other things. But what would they mean by “Live Action Cutscenes” also being a bonus? We’ll find out when Devil May Cry 5 hits XB1, PS4, and PC on March 8, 2019.