VA-11 HALL-A To Serve Up a Sequel, N1RV Ann-A

You would think that a cyberpunk waifu bartending simulator would be an extremely niche genre, but VA-11 HALL-A was a surprise hit for Sukeban Games. Praised for its narrative and uniqueness, the game ended up endearing itself to indie fans quite easily. So it should come as no shock that a sequel is now on the way. Titled N1RV Ann-A, we get a first glimpse of the bartending adventure’s next chapter in the reveal trailer below.

Moving from Glitch City to Saint Alicia, the setting is now a tourist paradise, but the seediness is still there. You play as a bartender named Sam, who has a kid, Tony, and a partner, Leon, who they are having relationship troubles with. The fact that Leon moonlights as a Yakuza doesn’t help things. Nor do the crimes such as extortion and human trafficking that exist in the area. It looks to be another round of engrossing dystopian tales from the bar, but don’t expect it soon. N1RV Ann-A isn’t due out until 2020 for PC, Switch, and PS4, but hopefully it’ll be worth the wait.