Dangen Entertainment to Publish Phoenix-Themed Platformer Renaine

For a game based around a Phoenix Knight, Renaine has had quite the appropriate journey through its development. The platformer’s initial Kickstarter campaign failed, but then it began a new one earlier this year, which reached its funding goal. So rising like a phoenix, Renaine continues to keep burning even brighter, with news that Dangen Entertainment is now helping to publish the game from developers Octosoft. Naturally, this news comes complete with a brand new trailer for the game, which you can check out below.

Set in the kingdom of Lineria, the game centers around Aine, the embodiment of the Phoenix Knight. Aine sets out to defeat the evil Dragon, armed with the ability to revive themselves an infinite amount of times. But the Dragon’s Curse is in play, which revamps the kingdom and levels whenever Aine resurrects herself. So it’s a retro platformer with roguelike elements that are directly tied into the premise itself. It looks like an impressive and challenging adventure, so keep watch for Renaine’s release on PC and Switch in 2019.