Destiny 2: Forsaken The Fight Keeps it Rolling in Week 3

It was a big week last week for Destiny 2: Forsaken; specifically, for the Guardians that completed the World First of the hardest Raid to ever grace Destiny’s universe “Last Wish”. With the completion of Last Wish Guardians everywhere are now taking the fight to the last known Ahamkara to try the challenge for themselves.

With the beating of Last Wish new area’s have been unlocked in the Dreaming City with a new strike “The Corrupted” and new Gambit map “Cathedral of Scars” available in the mix.

Now that the Forsaken Raid has been said and done, Guardians are gearing up for new challenges with Lord Saladin returning with the Crucible on September 25. Crucible with bring with it a new game mode Breakthrough along with new maps specific for this game type.

Breakthrough sees players in a tug-of-war trying to capture a central zone while deploying the Breaker which can be contested at any time. Once the Breaker is captured it can be used to attack or hack the other team’s Vault. Hacking the Vault wins the round. If no team has hacked the Vault at the end of the round a Sudden Death will occur either hacking the enemy Vault or all progress has been removed. Win three rounds and win the match.

Breakthrough will not only be introduced with Crucible but become fully available to the Competitive playlist starting October 2. See a few of the maps below. PS4 players will get access to exclusive map Gambler’s Ruin.

Don’t forget Gambit is free for a weekend so check it out if not having grabbed Forsaken, Guardian. Crucible will also be hosting Double Valor Weekend starting 10 AM PDT September 21 and ending 10 AM PDT September 25. This will carry over into Crucible Playlists including Iron Banner.

As always there is plenty to do in Destiny 2: Forsaken as the ball keeps rolling. So, get out into the wild Guardian and fight for the light in whatever way best fits. See you in space, Guardian.