HEVN Is a Place, A Place Where Something, Something Bad Has Happened

The corporate future is never going to be a happy one.  Whether it’s the Post Terran Mining Corporation of Descent, Doom’s Union Aerospace Corporation, or an endless number of warring companies in every cyberpunk game ever made, not one single story has ever had the benevolent corporation acting as a loving shepherd creating the best future for the flock of humanity.  If there’s money involved then there are dark secrets and ugly discoveries waiting to be unearthed, from the lowest street-level dealings to the most far-flung reaches of space.  HEVN takes place on a planetoid that was supposed to support a mining colony, but when Sebastian Mars arrived all he found was desolation. Something’s gone wrong on the Nomoni Mining Facility, and the most likely culprit is it being a casualty of the warring corporations out for control of mankind’s sector of space.

HEVN is an open-world FPS/adventure set on a desolate world that wasn’t going to be pleasant for Seb but still should have been better than the death-trap he arrived at.  There’s no point in sticking around but escape isn’t easy, and the only way off is going to take Seb straight into the heart of the planetoid’s mysteries.  He’ll need to survive the local wildlife, take good care of his health, and figure out the best way through areas that have multiple solutions to their hazards.  The game wants to be an open-world System Shock 2, which is a pretty lofty ambition.  Check out the launch trailer that came out with today’s launch of HEVN to get a sense of how close it might have gotten.