Arena of Valor Launches on Nintendo Switch

Free to play games are gaining popularity on the Switch, and its on the go nature makes them a perfect fit for the platform. With Paladins and Fortnite getting rave reviews and being highly-optimized for it, it has allowed FPS and battle royale fans to have some F2P fun anywhere. Now, MOBA fans can rejoice as Arena of Valor has launched on the eShop. Arena of Valor lets you take control of 39 heroes with a wide variety of roles to play. You can be a tank, assassin, warrior, marksman or if you so desire play a support role. You have 5v5, 3v3, and 1v1 modes to test your mettle. MOBAs generally have a very short shelf life on consoles, but hopefully Arena of Valor will pan out differently – as it has a lot of variety to what it does and should see a nice uptick in popularity now.