Codemasters Teasing DiRT Rally 2.0

The twitter account for DiRT has been releasing some cryptic tweets in the past 24 hours. Yesterday, it simply started with a tweet that said 2.0. Today, the account posted a dark picture with headlights that gives a date of 9/26/18 at 10:30 BST. Codemasters released DiRT 4 in 2017 while it was an amazing game, it went a more casual direction. The team admitted that the original DiRT Rally was extremely difficult, so there is a hardcore fanbase that would certainly like this aspect back. The term 2.0 from the tweet seems to point at a sequel to the original DiRT Rally, which ended up getting a separate VR mode. This could also point to a VR mode for DiRT 4, but a sequel to DiRT Rally seems more likely. Especially since the hashtag is #notafraid. We will all know tomorrow.