Visage Gets new Early Access Teaser Trailer to Announce Pending Launch

Visage has been quietly lurking in the shadows of development purgatory for a couple of years but the nice thing about progress is that, so long as it keeps going, eventually there’s an end in sight.  The psychological haunted-house horror game got mired down in the details of “almost” for the bulk of 2018 (per today’s Kickstarter update), but steady development work from its full time two-person crew plus a good number of helpers has finally gotten things to a point where it’s almost ready to show off.  Visage is coming to Early Access on October 2, with the first of four chapters available in full and the rest coming along over what’s planned to be a minimum of four months on the road to full release.

What’s made Visage such an interesting horror game is how carefully it balances the terrors of a haunting with the utter normalcy of the house it takes place in.  While there’s plenty of unsettling weirdness the main environment is grounded in a relatable reality.  It looks like a nice house, complete with appropriate furnishings and decorations, and while not quite so cluttered as a real family home can get it’s still only 2018 and the rendering tech for that is at least a decade off.  The house changes as you explore and the environments get more fantastic, and it promises to be a slow burn as the creepiness ratchets up and the ghosts start pulling out their worst tricks.  Here’s a gameplay trailer from over a year ago if you want a more in-depth look, or take a pass on that and see the teaser below to get an initial taste of the anticipated dread to come.