Absolver Gets Free Expansion in Absolver Downfall

Absolver received a ton of critical acclaim when it was first released last year – and its recent inclusion as a PlayStation Plus freebie has expanded its audience since then. This patch works on not only fixing bugs, but adding a ton of content. A new PVE mode allows you to explore mines as Adalin either solo or online play. This mode is available to everyone who has reached the absolver rank in the game itself – and gathering gleam in this mode allows you to unlock new items and a new combat style. This new style is called faejin and is inspired by Bruce Lee. It uses a variety of new defensive skills that rely on both player input and stances to do well and adds 26 new attacks. New powers will be added as well, including a bare-hands upgrade and increased attack avoidance. New gear, weapons, emotes, and intros are in the patch too.