Felix the Reaper Pops Up on Steam, Gets New Teaser

Ever since its reveal from developers Kong Orange, Felix the Reaper has quickly established itself as one of our most anticipated upcoming puzzle games. And now it takes another step toward its eventual release with the debut of its Steam page. So those intrigued in Felix’s quest to woo Betty the Maiden by impressing her with some reaping can now add the game to their wishlists, preparing them for the big day when Felix grooves out in his grand debut.

With this new development comes a new teaser as well, which you can check out below. It may not show off the elaborate Rube Goldberg-esque deaths Felix has to perform, but it still does the job. Plus we still get to see Felix’s dance moves, the way he travels through shadows that also makes up the gameplay, and some of the colorful level designs. Felix the Reaper is due out in 2019 for all major platforms, so make sure not to miss it.