Astrological JRPG Virgo Vs The Zodiac Gets First Gameplay Trailer

A year ago, developers Moonana began a Fig campiagn for their JRPG Virgo Vs The Zodiac, which ended up being a raging success. And now, appropriately closing out the month of Virgo, the first gameplay trailer is available to check out. You can check out the clip below as always, which highlights a good chunk of the story and gameplay. From the looks of things, it appears it’ll do its inspirations such as Mother and the Mario RPGs proud.

Playing as Virgo, a villainess out to dethrone the Zodiacs and bring back the Golden Age, players will make their way though several colorful lands full of equally colorful characters, gathering tons of gear and experiencing a deep story with multiple endings. The combat in the video also shows its turn-based action, with real-time executions mixed in. We also get to see some incredible pixel art, some impressive music, and most amazingly of all, alpacas. Virgo Vs The Zodiac is currently due out this December for PC, with an XB1 version to follow later.