Party Hard 2 Begins Its Killer Celebration on October 25

Party Hard was one of tinyBuild’s strongest hits, and Party Hard 2 has been shaping up to be a worthy sequel so far. But the party has to begin sometime soon, and luckily, a release date has now been announced for the game. So next month, players will once again be slashing their way through shindigs in a new stealth action game. And with this announcement naturally comes a new trailer, which you can check out below.

Titled “The Smell of Violence,” the new clip focuses on a bit of the story involving a mysterious woman, while also showing off a good chunk of the gameplay. And the kills this time around are even more insane (death by forklift, anyone?), escalating things as our psychopath claws their way to the corporate party of the company they were fired from in order to exact revenge. Party Hard 2 hits the PC on October 25, and is sure to please fans of the original and then some.