Skrillex, Hikaru Utada Team Up to Produce the Opening Theme for Kingdom Hearts III

Square Enix today announced a collaboration between Skrillex and Hikaru Utada for Kingdom Hearts III.

Skrillex, the grammy award winning EDM artist, doesn’t exactly come to mind when one thinks of Kingdom Hearts. However, that all changes with Kingdom Hearts III. He and singer songwriter Hikaru Utada’s are collaborating on a new piece that’ll serve as the opening theme for Kingdom Hearts III.

A long-time fan of Kingdom Hearts, Skrillex initially intended to remix ‘Don’t Think Twice’ for the opening. However, due to his friendship with Utada, the remix turned into a collaboration. While ‘Don’t Think Twice’ remains the main theme for Kingdom Hearts III, the new opening song will be ‘Face My Fears.’

Both ‘Don’t Think Twice’ and ‘Face My Fears’ will be released in their entirety on January 18. It is unknown if we’ll hear snippets of the song in future trailers. Poo Bear, the acclaimed producer, also collaborated on the project.

Kingdom Hearts III is out January 29, 2019 on PS4 and Xbox One.