Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 40: Cloaked in Darkness Now Live

Dungeons & Dragons Online newest updated, entitled Cloaked in Darkness, goes live today. This new update brings a multitude of changes to the popular MMO title. Some of the highlights in this new update include cloak customization where players will be able to change their character’s appearance with a wide variety of cloaks. Players will be able to go to the DDO Store and claim their Ranger’s Cloak gift using the code GETCLOAKED, but it is advisable to act quickly as this gift is only available for a limited time. The Night Revels Festival returns just in time for Halloween where players will venture into spooky dungeons to defeat the Spectral Dragon in a new adventure. VIP members will receive access to some exclusive content, which includes a new raid and the ability to play as the wood elf. Full detail on this patch can be found on the Dungeons & Dragons Online website.