Limited Run Games to Release First and Only Wii U Title

Limited Run Games has made quite a name for themselves making physical copies for collectors where originally there were none. Josh Fairhurst of Limited Run Games recently sent out a tweet about an upcoming title, for the Wii U of all systems. According to various tweets from Josh this particular title has been in the works for 18 months due to some unfortunate circumstances.

The original publisher they partnered with apparently ran off with their money and never delivered on the promised game. Although Josh has said they’re not likely to even end up breaking even on this title, they plan on releasing it anyway and taking action against the publisher that cheated them out of money. There’s been no official word on what the title is just yet and all that Josh gave as a clue is that its release was originally cancelled in North America before they stepped in. Due to the Wii U being region locked, this title will not be available for regions outside of North America but will hopefully garner some interest despite the console’s otherwise stagnant status.

Those interested can check out all of Josh Fairhurst’s tweets here and be sure to keep an eye out for Limited Run Games first, and last, Wii U title.