Reshiram and Zekrom Distribution Coming in a Couple Weeks

As the legendary giveaways continue, we focus October on a couple of unique Pokémon. The next two legends to be made available are Reshiram and Zekrom. They are Fire and Electric-types, respectively, while both having the dual Dragon-type. Since they appear in Pokémon Black and White they are meant to be opposites of each other. However, they are able to fuse with another Pokémon, Kyurem. Each of them have a signature move which, if used in succession with one another, increases its dealt damage.

Reshiram in Pokémon Moon is level 60 and has Slash, Extrasensory, Dragon Pulse and Fusion Flare. The Ultra Moon version comes at level 100 with Fusion Flare, Blue Flare, Draco Meteor and Earth Power. Zekrom is level 60 in Pokémon Sun and can use Slash, Zen Headbutt, Fusion Bolt and Dragon Claw. However, Ultra Sun Zekrom is level 100 and has Fusion Bolt, Bolt Strike, Outrage and Stone Edge.

The distribution for both will start October 19 and only last until October 28. The shortened time frame is even more challenging because it is exclusive to Target retail locations. Prepare yourself for these legends by checking out the video below!