Review: Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp Pro Performance Gaming Audio System

Turtle Beach recently launched their newest high end gaming headset, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp Pro Performance Gaming Audio System. This headset is the successor to the Turtle Beach Elite Pro and was designed in collaboration with some of the leading eSports teams including OpTic Gaming Splyce and the Houston Outlaws. This new gaming audio system is designed to provide maximum clarity and immersion in gaming, whether it is in a professional eSports competition or for audiophile hobbyist gamer. There is countless options for quality gaming headsets, so let’s take a look at what the Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp have to offer, first covering the technical information and then whether or not we like it.

People who are familiar with Turtle Beach know that they have a few design features that are common in their products. These items include 50 mm Nanoclear speakers, high sensitivity mic with TruSpeak technology, game and chat audio mix, variable mic monitoring, dynamic chat boost and Superhuman Hearing. The actual headset features a durable metal headband, ProSpecs glasses friendly design and magnetic AeroFit cooling gel-infused memory foam ear cushions. Additionally, there are an assortment of deco plates planned for design that can be easily swapped out for customization. In a nutshell, these are the standard audio features Turtle Beach includes in their higher end models that aid for clarity of game sound and communication with along players along with construction that makes the headset comfortable for extended gaming sessions.

The Elite SuperAmp is designed to give players a new way to control their game audio. The one dial gaming audio controller provides powerful amplified Windows Sonic for Headphones surround sound on the Xbox One and DTS Headphone:X 7.1 channel surround sound on the PlayStation 4 and connects via Bluetooth to the Turtle Beach Audio Hub mobile app on Android or iOS devices. Players can use this app to control features like game and chat audio mix, variable mic monitoring, dynamic chat boost, Superhuman Hearing and other EQ presets and the SuperAmp’s LED color and lighting mode.

The Turtle Beach Audio Hub app is surprisingly user friendly and overall a cool way to control the sound and LED settings. The least important, but easiest to observe is the LED effects. Watching the light change colors and pulsing patterns change almost instantly while playing with the settings in the app is mildly amusing, which I ended up setting to the Audio Meter. The app allows users to quickly change the audio settings, using one of the preset EQ configurations or set up their own custom mix. Users can choose their surround sound mode setting to game, movie, music or stereo. The app also allows to adjust settings specifically for balancing game and chat audio as well streaming input and output. Upon receiving this headset to review, I was someone apprehensive about having to use a phone app to control the settings, but its intuitive design made it easy to pick up, making this app a useful feature for this audio system.

The SuperAmp connects to the PC or PlayStation 4 with a USB cable. A 3.5mm headphone jack connects the SuperAmp to the Headset, and for PlayStation 4 Pro models and PCs that have them there is also a digital optical cable that can be used. The sound through the SuperAmp is phenomenal, both with the PlayStation 4 and PC. In the Audio Hub app the sound configuration can be set to either PC or PlayStation 4. Oddly enough, even when using this with the PC, the PlayStation 4 configuration sounded louder and had greater clarity. Results may vary depending on someone’s own PC setup but I would recommend trying both configurations on PC to see which one ends up sounding better. Chat audio comes through the speakers clearly, and the app does allow for quick real time adjustments in balancing out chat and game volume. A good portion of the review process for this headset coincided with a recent long game review and the Elite Pro 2 remained comfortable during that endurance test.

The Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp is available in two models, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version. The Xbox One model works with all systems in the Xbox One family of consoles, and the PlayStation 4 model works with the standard and PlayStation 4 models. Both models are compatible with PC. The inevitable question that will come whenever there are two console specific versions of headset is will a PlayStation 4 headset work with an Xbox One console, and vice versa, and the answer is technically no but also yes with a heavy caveat.

Due to anatomical differences in hardware, the SuperAmp USB connection will only work for the system it is intended for. This is because the PlayStation 4 gets the surround sound processing done on the SuperAmp and the Xbox One has it done through the console. That being said, either headset can be used on either system through the 3.5mm jack in their controller. The catch is the sound will be the native sound that the controller normally spits out into a headset without any of the bells and whistles this audio system offers. In a nutshell, buy the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One model based on which system is your preferred console so you can take advantage of the sound quality and the headset can be used as a basic headset for the secondary console.

Closing Comments:

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp Pro Performance Gaming Audio System sounds amazing and is easy to control the settings through the free Turtle Beach Audio Hub app. This is a wired headset so space and gaming area set up is always a consideration, but the USB and digital optical cables are around ten feet and the 3.5mm headphone cable is about 6.5 feet, so even people who like to sit far from their TV can make this work. As stated this is one of the higher end Turtle Beach items, and we know some of the nicer pieces of audio equipment can come with a hefty price tag, this model in particular being $249.95. From a comparison standpoint, based on Turtle Beach headsets at various price points and other brands’ headsets at comparable price points, the sound quality and ease of use from the Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp justifies the price of admission. The Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp is a top tier gaming audio system.

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