Square Enix’s The Quiet Man is Out Sooner Than You Think

Square Enix’s strange and soundless third-person adventure title, The Quiet Man will be releasing relatively soon, the developer-publisher announced today. In fact, despite it only being announced at this year’s E3, it’s so soon that the end segment to the latest trailer accompanying today’s news of the game’s release date, seems to suggest the game has in fact been pushed forward from a once-planned 2019 window and will now instead release this year, across PS4 & PC, on November 1. The Quiet Man will be a digital-only title however.

We also got to see more of the gameplay and — from the way the trailer presents it — how it easily transitions between live-action and in-game CGI when telling its tale of deaf protagonist Dane as he tracks down a kidnapped songstress over the course of one night. The game, Square Enix claim, can be completed in one sitting, which might suggest it won’t intending to rival any recent JRPG’s so far as length goes. Check out the latest, aesthetically-speechless trailer below.