The Death of Erin Myers is Viperante’s First Installment in Short Story Series

Developer Viperante has announced that The Death of Erin Myers will be the first installment in its Short Story Series.

The anthology series consists of five standalone entries, each one being told through a first-person point-and-click experience.

Police detective Erin Myers is the focus of the first story, with players knowing well in advance that she will meet her demise by the end of the installment. Players will be able to relive different points in her life, understanding how all of her decisions eventually led to her death.

According to the UK-based developer, each chapter in the anthology can last up to two hours and features different old-school puzzles to complete.

The Death of Erin Myers will launch on PC in October, though an official release date has not been confirmed.

“I love to tell thought-provoking stories through games, and so I wanted to find a way to do that without having to spend several years making each game,” says Daniel Lee Peach, founder and studio head of Viperante.

“I also know that time is precious to gamers, and so I wanted to find a way to have people experience these stories effectively in one sitting — like watching a movie. I think that’s a great way for players to connect with an idea or a character in a game.

“And for a writer, it’s great. Because you really get to explore a lot more ground overall by having five separate stories in the same length as most other single [player] story games.”

You can check out new screenshots from Erin Myers below.