Where Dragons Dwell Update Coming to Lord of the Rings Online

Daybreak Games and Standing Stone Games are launching Where Dragons Dwell, a new update for Lord of the Rings Online that launches on Tuesday, October 9. This update will allow players to adventure through new and expanded regions of Middle-Earth such as the Iron Hills, Grey Mountains and Erebor. The Bassoon will be added to LOTRO’s acclaimed instrument system, adding another tonal option when players compose their own music. The Where Dragons Dwell Quest Pack features over 80 quests and deeds, new instances, raids and more across new Dwarf-hold regions. For a limited time gift, all players can head on over the LOTRO store and receive a Dwarven Miner’s Helm as a limited time gift using the code STARTMINING. Sadly, when asked if this update would include the ability to summon the majestic eagles as if they were an old school Final Fantasy style summon, the answer was an unquestionable no.