Dontnod Entertainment Rolls Out New Steam Patch for Life Is Strange 2

Developer Dontnod Entertainment today announced that a new patch has been rolled out for Life Is Strange 2.

The studio has said on Twitter that the update is specifically for the Steam version, which will be a 194MB automatic download and improves the episodic adventure title’s drawing mechanic.

Dontnod has revealed that users will see “better support for low sensitivity mice [and] controllers,” as well as fixed “rare occurrences of camera locks.”

Life Is Strange 2 debuted last month with Episode 1: Roads on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Players follow the story of Sean and Daniel Diaz, whose lives are turned upside down after an incident involving the police. As a result, the two brothers must leave their home in suburban Seattle and take to the road with the intention of fleeing to the family’s hometown of Puerto Lobos, Mexico.

While they’re on the run, however, Sean and Daniel will face another challenge in the “manifestation of a supernatural power they don’t understand and can’t fully control.”

Last week, Square Enix confirmed that it would be working with Feral Interactive, which previously ported Life Is Strange and Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, to bring Dontnod’s latest title to macOS and Linux.

In Hardcore Gamer’s review for Episode 1: Roads, we called it “undoubtedly the best opener in episodic gaming to date and also Dontnod’s finest hour with the Life Is Strange series so far.”

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