GRIP: Combat Racing Gets Collector’s Edition With Two-Disc Record

Gaming soundtracks on vinyl have been popular for a while now.  Deluxe editions have always been awesome.  How it’s taken this long for the two to meet is anyone’s guess, but GRIP: Combat Racing finally puts them together for its Collector’s Edition.  This ultra-limited version of the game has a mere 300 copies per platform available on PS4, Switch, and a combined Xbox One/PC edition, which is an impressively tiny number even with the price clocking in at $100.99.  Justifying the price is the $39.99 game plus a double-disc vinyl record, the soundtrack repeated again on CD and a third time for MP3 download, full-color manual that doubles as an art and lore book, art prints, a Grip-branded barf bag, the pre-order DLC, a sticker sheet, and an adorable USB drive shaped like one of the cars.  Rounding out the package is a numbered certificate of authenticity, just in case anyone thought you got a bootleg.  It’s a hefty collection of Grip-themed goodies in a big black box, currently up for pre-order on the platform of your choice from the Wired Productions store.

There is one small disclaimer, though, and that’s the ship date.  The Collector’s Edition is a lovely piece of gaming swag but it’s also not arriving until after the game’s November 6 release date.  The shipping will be completed before November 20 but, per the disclaimer on the store site, it can still take up to 28 days to arrive depending on where it’s going to.  What’s a little extra time when it’s been 18 years since the last Rollcage, though?