Ultra Spooky Cup Competition Coming to Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Prepare to combat spirits, spooks, specters and plenty of Ghost-types with the upcoming Ultra Spooky Cup. This online competition for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will feature the creepiest and scariest Pokémon! Make sure you are well prepared for the frights to come.

Only certain Pokémon are eligible to compete, you can find the entire list here. You can expect lots of Ghost and Dark-types. Many “scary” Pokémon such as Electivire, Scolipede and more are also able to battle. Sign-ups for this event starts October 18 until October 25. The actual battling takes place October 26 to October 28. Anyone who enters with a qualified team will receive a shiny Mimikyu as a fun prize, so it’s worth trying to get a spot!

For the entire listing of rules and other details visit the official website. Start thinking of what spooky fun team you’ll have ready!