Mothergunship Gets Major Story and Gameplay Update on PC

When Mothergunship came out it was released as a complete title and wasn’t hurting for content.  The ten-mission story mode was supplemented by a good number of side-missions you could use to farm for new parts or just dip in for a quick run killing robots, easily providing as many hours as you could want for high-intensity bullet-hell FPS run and gun action.  The post-release plan, however, was to keep building on the game for a while, and the first major update back in August added co-op, a couple of new bots, some new rooms, and other quality-of-life features.  The second major update was released earlier today and it’s an even bigger package of content, complete with a brand-new chunk of story that picks up right where the first left off.  This leads to plenty of new voicework for the cast, plus the first new story mission turns what had been an insanely hard achievement into a freebie.  The story also leads into a new type of ship, complete with a mecha-dragon boss, and completion opens up a new game mode too.  There are also more robo-monsters, gun parts, and other features layered into the game so that the old content is freshened up like new.

The Namengineers Update is live on PC as of today, and showing up on consoles in “the coming weeks”.  If you’ve got the PC version it’s well worth dipping back into the game to continue the story, and as for console owners, um… It’s something to look forward to?  Whichever you own, here’s a shot of the new environment.