New Details Revealed for the Pokémon Meltan, Including an Evolution

A couple of new videos were just posted to offer Pokémon fans a bit more detail on the mysterious Meltan. The Pokémon randomly started appearing in Pokémon GO and we recently learned it is also tied to Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee. Now, new details are being discovered about this strange new Pokémon.

First up, a back and forth between Professors Willow and Oak revealed a unique item is tied into this. A Mystery Box was found and nothing happened when Oak opened it in his lab. But when Willow gives it a try in the field a Meltan appeared. Then, it mysteriously closed shut on its own. To obtain the box in Let’s Go, one must transfer Pokémon from Pokémon GO. However, not just one Meltan was shown as it seems to have possibly multiplied into many. There are also a number of Meltan scattered around a house in the other Pokémon trailer. It is unclear whether they are all from the same Meltan or each one is different. It would seem odd for there to an abundance of a Mythical Pokémon. They appear to come in different sizes as well, perhaps by absorbing amounts of metal? At the end, all the Meltan were gathered together, a bright light covered the screen and the silhouette and cry of something new was shown. It could be possible that when many Meltan come together an evolution could occur.

There are still tons of secrets to solve thanks to all these new questions that come up. Watch the videos below and see if there are any clues to answers you can find. Pokémon Let’s Go comes to the Switch in about a month, so we may have to wait until then for more details.