Splatoon 2’s Octoling amiibo Gear Revealed

Splatoon 2 still isn’t done with adding new items for players to check out. This month comes some Halloween options right after a huge update was implemented. Now, we have received a bit more detail on the upcoming amiibo figures.

Octolings used to be seen as the bad guys but now they fit right in. December 7 is when you will be able to get your tentacles on brand new amiibo figures. The three-pack includes Octoling Boy, Octoling Girl and Octopus. We now know what gear each one will give you. Octoling Girl comes with Enchanted gear to make you look like a witch. Octoling Boy has Steel gear for you to have shining armor. The Octopus has Fresh Fish gear that will dress you up like a theme park mascot.

You can check out trailer below for a close up on each one. There may be other functions for the amiibo so stay tuned for more Splatoon news.