Surreal Sci-Fi FPS Atomic Heart Begins Pre-Orders

First teased in 2017 and having dropped a new trailer earlier this year, Atomic Heart has definitely made a name for itself as a unique, surreal first-person shooter. Taking place in an alternate version of the USSR, the game sees you traversing an abandoned science facility, tasked with figuring out what went wrong. Players experience retro-futuristic visuals and a deep, complex narrative and gameplay. It’s an ambitious FPS, and one ready to announce its pre-orders in advance of its future release.

So, naturally, developers Mundfish used a clip of a creepy-ass clown machine to announce this development.

The short clip can be seen below, but as mentioned, the real announcement comes in the form of pre-orders. You can purchase different editions at the game’s official site, each with different bonuses. These perks range from soundtracks and art books to access to the beta and the opportunity to appear in the game itself. The beta isn’t set to appear until Q4 2019, but expect Atomic Heart to still be on our radar by then.