Fury’s Work Continues In Darksiders III DLC

A horseman’s work is never done it seems. Once she finishes cleaning up the mess left behind by War and Death in the main Darksiders III campaign, Fury will still have plenty of things left to check off of her to-do list. THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games have confirmed the contents of the first two DLC packs coming to the game first launch, both of which include new playable areas, challenges and enemies.

First, Fury will be summoned to a location known only as “the Crucible” by a mysterious being wishing to see her combat skills for itself. In this expansion, also called “The Crucible,” Fury will be pitted against multiple waves of enemies. The more enemies she defeats, the greater the rewards will be.

After this, players can begin “Keepers of the Void.” This time, a new quest from Vulgrim takes Fury into the “Serpent Holes” and tasks her with the elimination of an ancient and powerful entity threatening the world’s stbility. While there, she’ll encounter new puzzles and combat challenges that’ll push her abilities to their limit. The task is worth the horseman’s time though, as a brand new weapon and the “Abyssal Armor” are all hers should she succeed.

Darksiders III launches for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One on November 27. Fans have been waiting for this one for a long time, but newcomers should check out our review of the original Darksiders to see if they’ve been missing out on anything.