Gal Metal Getting Ready to Thrash With New Release Trailer

Aliens are always troublemakers and this time they can only be driven off with the musical power of metal.  As a drummer in an all-girl high school metal band it’s up to you to provide the beat to drive away the invaders, using the joycons as drumsticks and creating your own rhythms for the music.  There’s no on-screen indicator to tell you when to hit, but rather your ears, creativity, and musical sensibilities work together to lay down the track.  Between alien-repelling concerts there’s high school to deal with, hanging out with your band-mates to improve their relationship while taking on the occasional part-time job.  The an invasion to repel, sure, but life isn’t going to sit back while this happens.

Gal Metal is coming out October 30 on Switch, either as a digital download plus a separate DLC or in physical format with everything together on a single cartridge.