Hitman 2 Ghost Mode Determines the Superior Assassin

It used to be that multiplayer and Hitman just didn’t go together. Plenty of fans wanted it, but the closest it ever came was the “contracts” mode introduced in Hitman: Absolution. In this mode, players could define their own missions and post them for others to complete.It fit Hitman quite well and was enjoyed by most fans, but it still wasn’t the head to head competition players craved. With Hitman 2’s Ghost Mode however, the series is finally introducing a true multiplayer experience.

In Ghost Mode, two assassins are loaded into the same mission and tasked with being the first to eliminate five targets. From there, normal Hitman gameplay takes over as each player tries to take out their target as efficiently as quietly as possible. Both players can see each other, but they otherwise exist in separate realities and cannot interfere with one another. Once one player eliminates their target, their opponent needs to react quickly or risk a loss. One can’t just walk up and kill the target in front of witnesses though, because it won’t count towards their score. As the name of the mode suggests, one has to remain a ghost in order to win.

Hitman 2 launches for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 13. Check out our review of the last Hitman game to see if it’s worth jumping into the series from here.