Oddball Indie Horizontal Shooter Black Bird Coming to PC and Switch

Ever wonder what would happen if the Japanese version of Edward Gorey made a cute horizontal shooter?  Me neither, but that lack of imagination isn’t stopping Black Bird from being released October 18.  When a young girl dies on the streets a passerby taps her body with his cane, causing it to be encased in an egg which then hatches into a huge black bird.  The sepia-toned semi-Victorian town is a hunting ground for the bird, which isn’t particularly pleased with the neglect its host suffered in life.  As a vengeful avian you free-roam around town shooting everything, taking out the guards and targeting the watchtowers while picking up green gems plus the occasional tasty bug to restore health.  The action is, of course, set to the operatic music sung in a fictional language, because there’s nothing so enjoyably bizarre that it can’t be improved by the perfect soundtrack.  While precise details on how all the gameplay elements fit together are still scarce Black Bird is still one to keep an eye on, not only because of its style and tone but also thanks to taking the grand prix prize of Vermillion Gate Award at BitSummit Vol.6.  That’s a pretty good start in life for a cute tale of dark birdy mayhem.