Crysis Trilogy now Backwards Compatible on Xbox One

Microsoft today announced that the entire Crysis trilogy is now be playable on Xbox One.

A trio of Crytek games are now playable on Xbox One via the backwards compatibility program. Developed by Crytek and published be EA, the Crysis franchise spanned three games released between 2007 and 2013. Crytek never ported Warhead, an expansion for the original game, to PS3 or Xbox 360. As a result of this, the expansion is not included.

Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb confirmed the news on Twitter:

In the Crysis franchise. you play as part of an elite solider unit utilizing the power of a nanosuit. Due to its ability to enhance a person’s strength and speed, the suit becomes paramount in humanity’s struggle against a hostile alien force. So, if you already own the games, pop them into your Xbox One or re-download them from the Xbox Store. However, if you don’t, all three are purchasable from the Xbox Store.