DICE Drops Single Player Trailer for Battlefield V

DICE today released a new trailer for Battlefield V focused on the single player campaign.

When Battlefield V launches, players can hop straight into the multiplayer, or they can enjoy the single player campaign. Like Battlefield 1, Battlefield V’s single player campaign is built around War Stories. These bite-sized vignettes follow unlikely heroes as they tackle the effects of the war. They also serve as an introduction to the game’s various mechanics.

Here’s every War Story coming with Battlefield V:

  • Prologue
  • Nordlys
  • Tiralleur
  • Under No Flag

A fifth story, The Last Tiger, arrives after launch. In total, there are five War Stories if you count the Prologue, which is down from Battlefield 1’s six War Stories. Back in 2016, we heavily criticized Battlefield 1’s War Stories for their lack of cohesion, weak character development, and boring level design. Hopefully, DICE has taken some lessons from Battlefield 1 to develop more emotionally resonant War Stories for Battlefield V.

Battlefield V is out November 20 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.