I Have No Shoes And I Must Sneak in Skin Deep Reveal Trailer

Working security on a huge spaceship single-handedly is hard enough that footwear really should have come as a standard accessory.  Space pirates have taken over the ship to loot everything that’s not nailed down and it’s your job to take them out using stealth, sneakiness, gunplay, and any environmental hazard you can turn towards a helpful kill.  Unfortunately you’re also barefoot, which as John McClane could tell you is just as bad as being unarmed.  Skin Deep is a deep-space sneak-em-up from Blendo Games, and rather than playing a super-ninja killing machine you’re going to be a skilled human.  What this means is that you’re susceptible to shredded feet, sneezing from dust, the need to spit for some unknown reason, and most likely more inconvenient biological functions.  The trailer also shows the player jumping to a thin corridor where she does a split braced on either wall to hold her mid-air position, then takes out the pirate ahead and the other behind in a fast, precise pair of sequential head shots.  She also kills a pirate by shooting out the window behind him, which would have gone great if she hadn’t been sucked into space as well.  Immense skill and unexpected consequences go hand-in-hand in the lonely depths of space.

Skin Deep has been in development since July and today’s reveal trailer shows off a set of promising mechanics for being this early.  Take a look below but get ready to wait, because there’s no release date, window, or estimation, and the potential for playful pirate killing means this could be a while.