Days Gone Delayed Again, Now Releasing April Next Year

Sony Bend’s upcoming third-person, action-adventure, open-world, zombie-infested, story-fronted, stealth-incorporated (essentially every AAA trope that’s existed over the past five-or-so years) Days Gone has been pushed back for the second time this year, having previously been delayed to a vague 2019 window and then shortly thereafter a confirmation of February 22 next year. The latest addition of time isn’t that much however, with Sony today confirming the game is now slated to release on PS4, April 26 — a couple of months extra it would seem.

In hindsight — and while Sony may not admit to it — Days Gone’s delay might prove rather more beneficial than simply providing extra time to “further polish” the game — perhaps helping the game stand out a bit more in what was (and still is) a cluttered stand-alone day of February 22 with other big-hitters such as Bioware’s Anthem, Sumo Digital’s [Xbox One exclusive] Crackdown 3 as well as 4A Games’ Metro: Exodus all set to come out the exact same day. Pending similar delays to any one of these three games as well. Let’s hope Days Gone can stand out regardless of the games releasing alongside in April 2019.