Norse Adventure Fimbul Launches This November

Norse mythology has certainly served as an intriguing backdrop for quite a few notable games. From triple-A stars like God of War to indie delights like Jotun, it’s been there for many a good action game. And speaking of indies and the Norse world, that leads us to Fimbul, a comic-styled action-adventure game from Zaxis Games. The developers are teaming up with publishers EuroVideo to help release the game, and now we have a November launch date for it, along with a new trailer that you can check out below.

Playing as a resurrected berserker known as Kveldulver, players are tasked with preventing Ragnarok and the world’s destruction. Taking place during the cold, legendary season of Fimbulwinter, players have to fend off the enemy Jotun while making important choices that shape the game’s story. Using the Lifestring feature, though, players will be able to revisit previous parts of story and explore new paths. Fimbul comes out for PC and PS4 on November 29, with a Switch version due in early 2019. It looks like a potentially interesting action game, so make sure not to miss it.