PixelOpus’ Concrete Genie Planning to Release Q1 2019

If you were keeping track/tabs of Paris Games Week last year and of PlayStation’s presence there, you might have caught wind — or simply watched the presentation — of an intriguing little title by the name of Concrete Genie by developer PixelOpus. A game that aims to tackle the theme of bullying, Concrete Genie focus on main character Ash as he discovers he not only has the ability add color to his dull, decrepit and abandoned hometown of Denska — by painting the environment in an array of imagery and visuals — but can also bring these creations to life.

From gameplay footage, Concrete Genie will allow players to approach any figurative blank canvas in the form of walls and the sides of buildings, and draw using a select number of pre-determined shapes and patterns. How flexible the painting mechanic actually is, we’ll have to wait and see but needless to say the game’s contrasting aesthetic of drab surroundings and bright vibrant color to coat them in, has certainly caught our eye. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long to try it out as the studio has today confirmed they plan to release the game for PS4, in the first quarter of next year.