David Cage Reveals Inspiration Behind ‘Finger Amputation’ Scene in Heavy Rain

Quantic Dream studio head David Cage has revealed the inspiration behind an important sequence in the critically acclaimed Heavy Rain.

The French developer took to Twitter to share an insight into the ‘finger amputation’ scene in the interactive action-adventure title.

For context: over the course of the story, Ethan Mars is put through a series of different trials from the Origami Killer. When it comes to one such test, Ethan enters a dilapidated apartment and finds that he must cut off his finger in less than five minutes to receive an all-important clue to find his missing son.

Now, the Heavy Rain writer and director took to Twitter to explain how the Saw-like scenario came about.

“Do you remember that scene in Heavy Rain where you have to cut your finger? This is what inspired it: two of my fingers were cut in an accident when I was six,” he said.

“While driving to the hospital, I could see the tip of my finger hanging off, the bone inside, my hand covered in blood.

“The whole time, I wondered if I could one day play piano again. I composed and recorded the soundtrack in the opening credits of Detroit [Become Human].

“You can’t imagine how glad I am to still be able to play music today…”

Quantic Dream first released the title as a PlayStation 3 exclusive in 2010.

Following on from its initial launch, the studio announced at E3 2015 that the BAFTA award-winning title would be released on PlayStation 4 as part of the Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls Collection in 2016.

In 2017, Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed that the title had sold over four million copies to date.

Quantic Dream’s latest title, Detroit: Become Human, was released in May and was both a critical and commercial success.

Hardcore Gamer’s review for the adventure title said that it “tells an endearing story that verges on the profound, diving deep into the nature of humanity itself. It proves that interactivity and focused storytelling aren’t mutually exclusive and that the two can enhance each other given a proper degree of talent behind the scenes.”