Early Access for The Pit of Doom Begins Today

Fans of the rouge-like and FPS genres can get a head start on Kerberos Productions’ The Pit of Doom today. The title is an action RPG with FPS and rouge-like elements that can be played alone or cooperatively. Players can choose to play as a Marine, Scout or Engineer with various abilities to survive the dungeons of the Pit. The longer players can survive, and the more they progress, they’ll be able to upgrade their characters to deal with more powerful enemies.

Early access for Pit of Doom has already begun, with most of the single player features already in place. Players can currently access up to 30 randomly generated levels, each progressively more difficult than the last. While searching rooms and corridors, they will find dozens of weapons and scavenge food, medicine, ammo, armor and tools. Early Access is expected to continue for 6-12 months, with the release version available by May-December of 2019, depending on the level of support the game receives. The first development cycles will be devoted to implementing a cooperative multiplayer mode for 2-4 players.

Currently, players can get in on Early Access for $9.99 with an increase in price over time.  Kerberos’ CEO, Martin Cirulis, has also announced that, “We have a lot of content to add, There are hundreds of weapons, armors, foods, modifications, recipes, and other items in the original game, Sword of the Stars: The Pit. There’s going to be a big difference in content and scope between the first day of Early Access and the final release version of the game. The price will reflect this. The earlier you support the game, the less it will cost.” For now, interested players can check out Early Access for PC on Steam.