Fast, Frantic Platformer HoPiKo Heading to Switch

Developer Laser Dog Games’ zero-gravity, muscle memory-driven platformer HoPiKo will be testing the reflexes (and the patience) of Switch owners next month, publisher Merge Games has announced. The addictive 2016 title, which has already made its way onto PS4, Xbox One & PC following its initial release on mobile, will make its way onto Nintendo’s platform on November 15.

Based around a set task of completing five grouped stages together, HoPiKo is all about speed and memory as you shoot your titular character up, around and through many an obstacle in as fast a time as possible without hurtling into any of the surrounding traps that litter each level. The catch though is that if you fail any one of these five stages, you’re required to do the whole sequence again, regardless of whether it’s the first stage you trip up on, or the final stage. Despite the obvious annoyance of being so close yet so far, it’s a delightfully-addictive and brutal game to get stuck into once you get into the swing of things and could well be a perfect fit for the Switch’s on-the-go premise.