Nintendo Switch Surpasses Gamecube, Hardware Sales Now At 22 Million

Nintendo Switch has now officially sold more hardware units than even the Gamecube, the company announced today in their latest earnings release. The Switch, up to the period ending September 30 of this year, has now sold a combined 22.86 million units — just over a million more than what the Gamecube managed. Having already decimated the Wii U’s hardware sales of roughly 13.5 million units several months ago, the Switch is now trailing behind the N64 with a combined total of nearly 33 million units. The SNES follows thereafter at nearly 50 million, the NES at 62 million and the popular Wii still reigning supreme at a whopping 102 million units sold.

As far as software sales go, the Switch racked up a total of 42.13 million sold, which signals more than a 90% increase year-on-year. Despite the continuing positive news, Nintendo remained fixed on their financial forecast — the company’s remaining first-party releases of 2018 being Pokemon: Let’s Go! in November and Super Smash Bros Ultimate in December. Elsewhere in hardware, both the NES Classic and SNES Classic continue to prove popular with a combined sell-through of around 3.7 million.