Sports Party Brings Wii Sports-Esque Action to Switch Today

Since the launch of the Switch and its sensor bar-less motion-detecting remotes, people have wanted something akin to Wii Sports on it. Go Go Vacation attempted to do that to some degree, but it was hurt by it being a re-release from the Wii days when it was already an also-ran game. Sports Party is an all-new game features a wide variety of sporting events. You can enjoy an exciting game of Frisbee, race on a jet ski, play some basketball, skateboard, and play some tennis on the beach. Those into a bit of casual sporting fun will find a lot to enjoy here – especially with this offering up things like jetski, tennis, and basketball that aren’t heavily-represented on the system. You can play solo, or with up to four players at once – making it a great game for the whole family. Sports Party is available now in either digital or physical formats for $39.99.