New Sub Weapon Shown for Splatoon 2 Ahead of Update

We are only a week away from a huge update for Splatoon 2 but that’s not stopping us from getting sneak previews! Yesterday, a new Special called Ultra Stamp was detailed. Today, a new Sub weapon is getting the same treatment.

It is called Torpedo and acts very similar to its namesake. This weapon takes the form of a missile-shaped projectile when thrown. However, it will change its appearance when near an enemy and hone right in on the target. After exploding ink everywhere, a few little blobs will rain down afterwards causing even more damage. But your enemies can shoot them down in mid-air. These can make for a great distraction in battle. We still aren’t sure what happens if thrown with no target nearby, perhaps they just explode normally.

Check out some images and a video below for a closer look. Stay tuned for the entire Splatoon 2 update to launch on November 7.