Adventure Puzzle Game Omno Announced for Kickstarter, Gets Debut Trailer

Independent developer StudioInkyfox has today announced its debut title, Omno, for PC and will turn to Kickstarter to cross the finishing line on its development.

Jonas Manke, the founder and studio head of StudioInkyfox, has said that the adventure puzzle title has been in development for two years and is “about sixty percent complete.”

Most of the technical aspects, core mechanics and worlds are playable, according to the developer. Manke, however, said that his main objective is “putting all [the] pieces together,” which includes replacing placeholders with proper assets and adding in more content in the final version.

The crowdfunding campaign will be aiming for $32,000 (€32,000/£28,405) to be raised, with the developer wanting to “stay independent and finish the game with complete creative freedom.”

StudioInkyfox plans to launch the single-player title on Steam in 2019, though it is open to console release depending on the success of its Kickstarter campaign.

Omno offers players the opportunity to explore an ancient world through “lush forests, across a sun-blasted desert, over a frigid tundra.”

Players will encounter and interact with different creatures along their adventures, including crabs, turtles and a dinosaur.

With a world that has an abundance of puzzles and challenges to complete and hidden secrets to uncover, the player’s character is equipped with a magical staff that allows them to power up forgotten relics and use it as an effective way to travel different terrains.

“I’ve worked for over ten years as a character animator in the film and games industry, and I’m using what I’ve learned to create a game that can hopefully touch players emotionally,” Manke said.

“Breathing life into things — especially in full 3D — is a real challenge, but it’s also the best way to express my thoughts and feelings about the themes I tackle in Omno.”

You can check out more screenshots from the title below.