Ho-Oh and Lugia Complete the Legendary Pokémon Giveaways

The year is coming to an end for all Legendary Pokémon. The mascots from Pokémon Gold and Silver are the final giveaways for fans to collect. It has been quite a legendary year, especially for Pokémon fans, so let’s go out with a bang.

Lugia is available for Ultra Sun and is at level 100 with Aeroblast, Earth Power, Psychic and Tailwind. You can also get it for Sun at level 60 with Aeroblast, Extrasensory, Skill Swap and Ancient Power. Ho-oh comes at level 100 in Ultra Moon and can use Sacred Fire, Brave Bird, Earthquake and Tailwind. It comes at level 60 in Moon and knows Burn Up, Sacred Fire, Extrasensory and Ancient Power.

All you have to do is visit participating GameStop locations from November 2 until November 25 to pick up a code card. Learn more about the distribution on the official website and details on each Pokémon in the video below.