Pokémon Lost Thunder TCG Expansion Now Available

Defeat your opponents by lighting up the sky and making the Earth rumble. The Lost Thunder Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion is now available to own. There are plenty of powerful Pokémon included to fit in your playing deck or collection.

Lost Thunder features over 200 new cards. Prism Star cards for both Celebi and Ditto are included. GX cards for Lugia, Tyranitar, the Ultra Beast Blacephalon and Legendary Zeraora can be found. Find them in the booster packs, themed decks or special collections. Two decks feature Legendary Pokémon; Blazing Volcano has Entei while Storm Caller has Raikou. The Elite Trainer Box is dedicated to Zeraora and comes with plenty of accessories.

Fill your Pokémon collection with the Lost Thunder set to let everyone know a storm is coming. Check out some of the products below and on the official website. An animated announcement trailer is also posted.